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UX is our super power! 

Peras & Moras customer-centric approach supports your projects by addressing your challenges or issues.

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What does putting the customer at the center mean?

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We are the right support for great things to happen!

We create experiences that generate true value for the company, the client,  the local and global community.


Our services include:

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Problem- Solving to create value

Properly understanding a problem is 50% of its solution, that's why we start with:

  • The nature of the problem, mapping, and approach

  • Selecting the framework for its solution

  • The organizational characteristics that sustain the solution

UX Research

 Transforming data into information to guide your market strategies involves:

  • Selecting methods: quantitative, qualitative, or mixed

  • Scientific instruments design

  • Data collection and computational analysis

  • Relevant data visualization


 UX Design and Development

We create aesthetic and memorable experiences for its products and services throught:


  • Sustainable designs and market-oriented innovation

  • Design of meaningful experiences

  • Development of innovative physical and digital products and services



Creative Content

Creativity is the bridge between your business and your customer. We create disruption through:


  • Learning Experience Design (LXD)

  • UX Writing, Creative Writing, and Storytelling

  • Sound Production

  • XR with Immersive Technologies


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What does putting the customer at the center mean?


Through principles of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), UX (User Experience), behavioral sciences, and innovative technology, we can deeply understand human nature and how behaviors, emotions, and customer expectations are expressed regarding your products and services.

Knowing this allows us to integrate the perspective of end customers into the product or service they acquire and co-develop it. This way, the product or service becomes part of the customer's lifestyle.


Trust among industry leaders.

Case study

Our clients trust us to support them in solving their challenges






What do our clients say?

“Hand in hand with Peras y Moras, we expand our range of products under a concept of innovation and sustainability, through which we improve our sales and fulfill our promise of quality to the customer.”

Cristina Zamora

"The organization has the utmost 'can-do' attitude, and at the same time, an appealing personal style enables them to interact effectively with stakeholders and teams at regional and global levels."

James Peace 

SDX Americas

"Peras & Moras is brilliant! They are exceptionally capable of making the project process interesting and enjoyable. Thanks to their flexibility and creativity, I finally started to achieve my goals."

Robert Lee,
Focusing CR

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